We develop enterprise products ranging from billing gateways to consumer apps by leveraging open source frameworks and existing business capabilities:

01 / We speak JVM, Javascript and Python fluently; so ask us about Java, Scala, Groovy, NodeJS or another language and we will answer

02 / We understand that the best products are built on data and not just the best technology, so we blend in as many of the capabilities you already have to improve your products.

03 / We understand that product owners sometimes need to “see” features to be able to shape them and place agility and responsiveness at the very core of our delivery model.

Enterprise Platforms

Leveraging existing enterprise functional capabilities by integrating and exposing API to deliver business ideas with focus on time to market and quality.

Mobile & Web Applications

The development team is polyglot and is always on the lookout for the best language to solve a problem, be it performance, development speed, deployment constraints or simply to fit with an existing technology landscape. We currently speak Java, NodeJS, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, Bash with regular challenges in Groovy, Perl and a number of DSLs.

Some of our favourite frameworks & Technologies are: Spring, Vertx, Express JS, React, Redux, Webpack.

API Gateways

In today’s information age, APIs are your business’ most important asset; their orchestration “is” your business in its truest form. To leverage the power of internal and external teams, it’s important to free them for use in a secure, simple and high performance manner. Using onsite, cloud-based solutions (API Gateway, …) or custom developed solutions for unique use-cases, we know how to build API Gateways that are right for you now and right for you tomorrow.